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Item List

100 Years of Flight

"This year's program has the Kamiak Show Band take a perilous journey to the untamed skies."

A Chorus Line

"One Singular Sensation!"

A Knight in the Gallery

"Tonight, allow the Kamiak Show Band to lead you through a variety of different musical landscapes."

A Mirror in the Heart

A Beatles tribute show.

At the Edge of The Woods

"Stay... away..."

Everything is Illuminated

"The light will come."

Film Noir

"A Knight at the movies."


"Tabula Rasa. A clean slate. The challenge: bring beauty, ebb, and flow... through design, composition, color... and harmony!"

Ghost Train

"An hauntingly unpredictable train comes just as mysteriously as it leaves."

I Want It All

"I have a competition in me. I want no one else to succeed."

Industrial Metropolis

"Strike a balance."

Knights of the Round Table

"Join the Kamiak Show Band as they bring you back to the time of kings and queens."

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