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Industrial Metropolis

"Strike a balance."

Our show presents the journey from the mid-nineteenth century as the wheels of industry created an American revolution that resulted in the thriving cities that exist from coast to coast. We open with the machines of Industry, move to reflective Opportunity, continue with the social advancements of Technology and close with melodic American folk tunes that lead us to the urban glory of The City. Like the famous 1927 silent film Metropolis, we strive to seek the balance between hands, head and heart of the mythological city workers, the administrative thinkers, and spiritual mediators who create harmony and peace for the common good.

200+ industrialists

Musical Selections:
1,000 Airplanes on the Roof and 'Truman Sleeps' from The Truman Show by Philip Glass
Technology by Travis Moddison
Wild Nights from Harmonium by John Adams

This show was Brian Steves' final production as band director.

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