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New York City: Past, Present, and Future

"A tribute to America's most vibrant, glamorous, and spirited city: New York."

We open in 1940's New York as Manhattan's financial district leads the country out of The Great Depression. The music depicts the city's personality. Angular, robust, and straightforward. America must not forget the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. The music is solemn but not sorrowful. In 2002, New York looks towards the future with optimism so our closing selection is joyous and energetic and resolute faced to the future.

188 New Yorkers

Skyline from Symphony No. 2 (A New York Symphony) by Johan De Meij

Dancer in the Dark Overture by Bjork

The Path Between the Mountains by Jay Kennedy

Harvest Marching Band Festival - 2nd place

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