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Imagine sitting in a chair at a café in Paris and what you experience there. The sounds of Paris presented through the use of classic melodies from the early 19th century and famous composers from France, as well as popular modern music and movies that depict a strong resemblance of French culture. The use of the accordion throughout the show and the tie to the beautiful song, “La Vie En Rose” acts as our musical thread, which is where we begin, on the streets of Paris, taking it all in.

The show will display a variety of uses of the number “2”, which in French, when translated, is deux. The title deuX acts as the visual and musical motivation for the theme. The use of duets and guard spinning two props will occur. You will often hear two pieces of music or two melodies occurring simultaneously.

143 tourists

Musical Selections:
La Vie En Rose by Edith Pilaf
Ravel's String Quartet in F Major - 2nd Mvt. AND Bolero
A tango inspired by Mi Confesion by Gotan Project
Gershwin's An American in Paris

Puget Sound Festival of Bands - 2nd place
NWAPA Championships - 87.45, 5th place

This group holds the distinction of being the first show band to place in the top 5 at the NWAPA Championships.

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