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KWP Cast List


Noah Clawson, Snare*
Mason Bathurst, Snare

Sam Yoo, Snare

Austin Kwon, Snare
Kevin White, Tenors*

Alex Lesher, Tenors
Isaac Medina, Bass Drum*
Andy Ha, Bass Drum
AJ Lopez, Bass Drum

Amairani Flores, Bass Drum

Ryan Quinn, Bass Drum
Kyle Parker, Cymbals*
Alejandro Pantoja, Cymbals
Jack Mudge, Cymbals*
Jeremy Eyman, Cymbals*

Eric Lopit, Cymbals

Holly Fahning, Visual Ensemble*
Ava Miner, Visual Ensemble
Nicole Faller, Visual Ensemble

Sion Andrews, Visual Ensemble

Huang Nguyen, Visual Ensemble

Jaimee Buck, Visual Ensemble

Maddie Roberts, Visual Ensemble

Sarah Park, Front Ensemble
Kyle Yonke, Front Ensemble*
Molly Biedscheid, Front Ensemble
Yolanda Yang, Front Ensemble
Natalie Toom, Front Ensemble
Camille Oglesby, Front Ensemble
Aidan Becker, Front Ensemble

Henry Gipson, Front Ensemble

Elise Berndahl, Front Ensemble

Omar Mallouk, Front Ensemble

Logan Ames, Front Ensemble

Branford Coleman, Front Ensemble

Alex Keyser, Front Ensemble

Emelia Toom, Front Ensemble

William Bass, Front Ensemble

* Senior

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