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KWP Cast List


Noah Clawson, Snare
Aaron Kim, Snare
Sam Yoo, Snare
Mason Bathurst, Snare
Kellen Schrader, Tenors
Kevin White, Tenors
Isaac Medina, Bass Drum
Andy Ha, Bass Drum
Parker Moody, Bass Drum
AJ Lopez, Bass Drum
Alex Lesher, Bass Drum
Kyle Parker, Cymbals
Parker Lehman, Cymbals
Alejandro Pantoja, Cymbals
Jack Mudge, Cymbals
Jeremy Eyman, Cymbals

Dallas Rindy, Visual Ensemble
Holly Fahning, Visual Ensemble
Ariel Shiley, Visual Ensemble
Jazlie-Cate Garcia, Visual Ensemble
Ava Miner, Visual Ensemble
Sophia Youk, Visual Ensemble
Anna Hunt, Visual Ensemble
JoAnn Walker, Visual Ensemble
Nicole Faller, Visual Ensemble

Dylan Vu, Front Ensemble
Eric Lopit, Front Ensemble
Sarah Park, Front Ensemble
Kyle Yonke, Front Ensemble
Lynn Park, Front Ensemble
Piper Shier, Front Ensemble
Molly Biedscheid, Front Ensemble
Yolanda Yang, Front Ensemble
Natalie Toom, Front Ensemble
Darrel Blevins, Front Ensemble
Camille Oglesby, Front Ensemble
Aidan Becker, Front Ensemble
Austin Kwon, Front Ensemble
Josh Concepcion, Front Ensemble
Farrin Lopes, Front Ensemble

Christopher Schmitt, Equipment Manager

KWP17 Cast List: Text
KWP17 Cast List: Pro Gallery
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