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KWP Cast List


Gareth Hunt, Snare

Colby Dale, Snare

Nick Moore, Snare

Gage Bodensteiner, Snare

Kyle Olason, Tenors

Max Short, Tenors

Kellen Schrader, Tenors

Parker Moody, Bass Drum

Kevin Tran, Bass Drum

Jacob Parker, Bass Drum

Anthony Oldershaw, Bass Drum

Ethan Walters, Bass Drum

Jack O'Hea, Cymbals

Kyle Parker, Cymbals

Matt Mullavey, Cymbals

Aaron Kim, Cymbals

Parker Lehman, Cymbals

Noah Clawson, Flub Drum

Charles Miller, Flub Drum

Carson Leavitt, Flub Drum

Siena Swetnam, Visual Ensemble

Rachel Huning, Visual Ensemble

Holly Fahning, Visual Ensemble

Breilynn Bair, Visual Ensemble

Andrea Mallouk, Visual Ensemble

Emily Zaretsky, Front Ensemble

Becca Cunningham, Front Ensemble

Krystina Larsen, Front Ensemble

Lynn Park, Front Ensemble

Taylor Koonce, Front Ensemble

Isaac Medina, Front Ensemble

Maddie Bogarts, Front Ensemble

Anna Hunt, Front Ensemble

Dexter Morrison, Front Ensemble

Will Wiegand, Front Ensemble

Kylee Leavitt, Front Ensemble

Kyle Yonke, Front Ensemble

Abbie Kraft, Front Ensemble

KWP15 Cast List: Text
KWP15 Cast List: Pro Gallery
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