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KWP Cast List


Chase Stafford, Snare*

Drew Howard, Snare*

Juan Sierra, Snare

Jayden Califano, Snare

Jack Jordal, Quads*

Russell Vaughan, Quads

Brandon Harkleroad, Quads

Abigail Palmer, Bass Drum

Liam Green, Bass Drum

Sabrina Coram, Bass Drum

Mark Tolentino, Bass Drum

Xander Guerra, Bass Drum

Milana Thomas, Cymbals

David Kinner, Cymbals

Aydin Pehlivan, Cymbals

Joel Brannan, Cymbals

Nathan Harkleroad, Cymbals

Joseph Nguyen, Cymbals


Ryah McVey, Visual Ensemble*

Katie Gilkinson, Visual Ensemble

Vanessa Besse, Visual Ensemble

Ava Alexy-Lui, Visual Ensemble

Steevie Renando, Front Ensemble*

Jenna Sung, Front Ensemble

Christine Caldwell, Front Ensemble

Kas Warren, Front Ensemble

Vinnah Chu, Front Ensemble

Gavin Van Auken, Front Ensemble*

Ian Baker, Front Ensemble

Baileigh Song, Front Ensemble

Ethan Park, Front Ensemble

Parks Delaney, Front Ensemble

Parker Develice, Front Ensemble*

Huy Ky, Front Ensemble

Geneva Thomas, Front Ensemble


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