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Welcome to Band Raise!

A fundraising campaign to support Kamiak Winter Percussion.

The Kamiak Winter Percussion is traveling to WGI World Championships April 19-23, 2023 and could use some help. As you may know, moving a competitive percussion ensemble across the country is very expensive. Equipment, flights, hotel, rehearsal facilities, food; not to mention all of our regular expenses, like: bus transportation, show design, uniforms, our performance tarp, instruction. It adds up quickly.

We are a self-funded youth activity/club at Kamiak High School in Mukilteo, WA. What does that mean? We finance the group through membership fees and fundraisers. This year our current member fee is $2,125 (which is a lot), and that doesn't cover all of our costs!!! 


But you can help!

We are currently accepting donations that will go directly to helping the program (and its members) pay for the costs of travel. 

WGI World Championships Trip

Cost Breakdown:

WGI Championships Cost Breakdown:

-Equipment Truck Rental (12 days): $4,500

-Equipment Truck Gas: $1,500

-Flights ($523/member): $20,660

-Charter Bus (4 days): $8,400

-Hotel ($151/room, 4 nights): $9,000

-WGI Registration: $990

-Student Meals: $1500


Trip Total: $46,550

Student Fees: $36,550

Total Fundraising Goal:




To donate click the button below. Thank you!

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