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Feel the Rain

Musical Selections

River Flows in You by Yiruma

Air Waltz by Oliver Davis

Clouds, Mind on the (re) Wind by Ezio Bosso

Staff & Design Team

Nick Benson, Program Coordinator, Visual Designer, Choreographer

Eric Yahrmarkt, Music Coordinator, Battery Arranger

Chris Whyte, Front Ensemble Arranger

Tim Mitchell, Additional Sound Design

Josh McAdams, Cymbals, Visual

Ava Miner, Visual Ensemble

Kira Pattinson, Visual Ensemble, Choreographer

James Vu, Battery

Mason Bathurst, Battery

Kevin White, Battery

Yolanda Yang, Front Ensemble/Photography (

William Bass, Sound Manager

Megan Caldwell, Photography (@megancaldwellphotography)

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2023 Results

WGI Portland Regional - Linfield University (March 25, 2023)

PSO 2nd Place :: 82.95

PSO 2nd Place :: 85.65 (FINALS RECAP)

NWAPA Championships - Sherwood HS (April 8, 2023)

PSO 1st Place :: 88.55 (PRELIMS RECAP)

PSO 1st Place :: 89.75 (FINALS RECAP)

WGI World Championships (April 20-22)

PSO Prelims  :: (RECAP)

Winter Performance Night Recap

WGI World Championships - Dayton, OH (April 10-22, 2023)

PSO 9th Place :: 90.15 (PRELIMS RECAP)

PSO 8th Place :: 91.825 (SEMIFINALS RECAP)

PSO 8th Place :: 91.30 (FINALS RECAP)

End of Season Wrap-up Video

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