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Musical Selections

Original Music by Alex Brinkley

Inspired by narration from "Nature is Speaking"

Outside the Realm by Big Giant Circles

What's Going On by Marvin Gaye

The Lightning Strike by Snow Patrol

Staff & Design Team

Nick Benson, Program Coordinator/Visual Designer

Steve Henry, Battery Arranger

Chris Whyte, Front Ensemble Arranger

Alex Brinkley, Composer/Sound Design

Eric Yahrmarkt, Percussion Coordinator

Josh McAdams, Cymbals/Visual

Christina de Senouillet, Visual Ensemble

James Vu, Battery

Krystina Larsen, Front Ensemble

Will Wiegand, Front Ensemble/Sound Manager

Megan Sellman, Choreography


WGI World Championships - Dayton, OH

(April 12, 2019) :: PSA 5th Place 92.6125

NWAPA Championships - West Salem HS

(April 6, 2019) :: PSO 2nd Place 87.30

WGI Portland Regional - West Salem HS

(March 23, 2019) :: PSA 1st Place 86.50

2018-19 Mother: Text
2018-19 Mother: Video
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