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Very Bad Men

David Reeves, Music Arranger

Nick Benson, Program Coordinator/Visual Designer

Andy Wray, Percussion Caption Head

Nick Benson, Visual Instruction

Robert Groves, Cymbals

Steve Henry, Battery Instructor

Hunter Reinhardt, Front Ensemble

Haili Sun, Front Ensemble

Josh McAdams, Cymbals/Visual

Emily Zaretsky, Front Ensemble

Will Wiegand, Sound Manager

Alex Brinkley, Sound Designer

Justin Bales, Battery

Christina de Senouillet, Visual Ensemble


WGI World Championships

PSO Prelims :: 86.425

NWAPA Championships

West Salem HS

(April 2, 2016) :: PSO 1st Place 87.70

Evergreen NWAPA Premier Show

(March 19, 2016) :: PSO 1st Place 86.60

McMinnville NWAPA Premier Show

(March 5, 2016) :: PSO 1st Place 81.20

2015-16 Very Bad Men: Text
2015-16 Very Bad Men: Video
2015-16 Very Bad Men: Video
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