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This season was full of "firsts" for the KWP. It was their first NWAPA Championship, an Open Class promotion and undefeated season, the first time having uniforms made for us (Creative Costuming Designs), as well as our first Annual Winter Festival, performing alongside the Kamiak Winterguards for hundreds of people from the community.

Music by Box Six.

Visual Design by Nick Benson

Andy Wray, Percussion Caption Head

Nick Benson, Visual Instruction

Robert Groves, Cymbals

Steve Henry, Battery Instructor

Yeon-Hee Yim, Battery Instructor

Gabbi Vizzutti, Front Ensemble

Chris Lennard, Front Ensemble


NWAPA Championships (Union HS)

90.95 - 1st Place (PSO)

2010-11 Fusion: Text
2010-11 Fusion: Video
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