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This show was inspired by a clean, all-white pallette with enjoyable music. This was the first year the group competed in the NWAPA A-Class Championships competition, finishing in 5th Place. 

Music Selections include music by John Adams, Nik Bartsch, and Coldplay.

Music Arranged by David Reeves

Visual Design by Nick Benson

Andy Wray, Percussion Caption Head

Nick Benson, Visual Instruction

Robert Groves, Cymbals

Connor Haug, Battery

Mr. Toby Bathurst, Front Ensemble

Chris Lennard, Front Ensemble


NWAPA Championships (Liberty HS)

77.20 - 5th Place (PSA)

Union HS Competition

76.05 - 4th Place (PSA)

Skyview HS Competition

74.15 - 2nd Place (PSA)

2009-10 Absolute: Text
2009-10 Absolute: Video
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